First and foremost, all my sculptures are simply Abstract Compositions. There is no intent at any connotations of meaning or image. I sculpt by means of an Extemporaneous, Intuitive, Melodic Flow, allowing the forms to develop, point by point, so to speak, without any preconceived result in mind.

My aesthetics are strongly influenced by the exotic and exuberant beauty of the Tropics. My concept is based upon the fact that everything in nature has its own aesthetic combination of forms, colors, textures, and ornamentation - parrots, orchids, butterflies, tropical fish, etc. each has its own aesthetic "identity". I wanted each of my sculptures to have that same characteristic. Therefore, each of my sculptures has its own unique aesthetic result and becomes what I term, an "Organic Entity". I, therefore, strive to transcend sculptural form alone by adding colors, textures, and ornamentation, all in an effort to facilitate the quality of a natural object.

At times, my intent is to transcend the aesthetic characteristics of nature by creating a more abstract combination of form, color, and texture. I do this by disassociating aesthetic elements of form from color from texture, in a sense, freeing each of those elements from one another, and creating individual compositions of each element, as well as, a complexity of compositional interrelationships among these three elements. Another approach along these same lines is to paint 2-dim. forms over the 3-dim. forms.

My sculptures are primarily intended to be experienced by following the melodic flow of form and/or color and/or texture, in detail, over a period of time, much as you would a piece of music. Though they can also be experienced in their entirety as an organic entity, their true aesthetic value comes by experiencing them more on a point to point basis.

I want to thank Lee Anderson of the Miami Ceramic League
for her help in firing the clay sculptures.



Initial clay sculptures 1968 1970

Wood sculptures fabricated from my designs and
       under my direction by Amertec - Granada, Inc.
       1998 2002

Wood sculpture 2002

Coral Rock sculptures 2003 2004

Clay sculptures 2004

Clay sculptures 2005

Clay sculptures 2006

Clay sculptures 2007

An inserted statement -
     My evaluation of the artistic merit
     of my sculptures

Clay sculptures 2008

Second inserted statement -
     Aesthetic Evolution: From "Organic Entities"
     to a more intrinsic "Aesthetic Self-Expression"

Clay sculptures 2008 (cont.)

Clay sculptures 2009

Clay sculptures 2010

Clay sculptures 2011

Clay sculptures 2012

Clay sculptures 2013