My Evaluation of the Artistic Merit of my Sculptures

I consider Creativity and Originality the vital characteristics that determine the value of a work of art, while size, or the material used are of little intrinsic importance in that regard. Because of the following aspects, I consider my sculptures both creative and original.

Organic Entities - I consider my idea of developing art objects with complete aesthetic identities of form, color, texture, and ornamentation a creative concept with original results. Sculptors concern themselves with 3-dimensional form, alone, while painters concern themselves with 2-dimensional expressions. My concept and the resultant aesthetics transcend being either just sculpture or just painting.

Originality - Because my sculpted forms evolve as they do, extemporaneously and intuitively from my subconscious proclivities, they are my unique aesthetic statements. They are the essential element of my artistic talent.

Actually Created Forms - Because my forms are free form, versus rectilinear or figurative, they are actually created forms. This is because free form has no predefined shape, but requires a creation of the resultant shape.

Continually Creating - This is the intrinsic approach to my sculpting and takes the essence of creating to its limits, because moment by moment, I am continually creating. Firstly, I am always creating when I start a new sculpture, because I begin each new sculpture as a new aesthetic expression, with its own forms and colors. I don't repeat an already developed aesthetics over and over again. But even more importantly, I am continually creating as I sculpt, because I don't repeat an aesthetic element over and over again as I am developing the flow of form of each sculpture. In my approach, there is little redundancy or repetition. The most important quality in creating art, the creative process, itself, is what I am doing on a continual basis.

Inherent worth - I believe the unique aesthetic self-expression of each creative artist is sacrosanct in its value. For this reason, I believe that if you are what you create, no one has the right to negate its inherent worth. They can like or dislike it, just as they might like of dislike various people, but that does not affect its unique value. I know that what I create is my true and unique artistic self-expression.

Having this comprehension of the qualities of my work, I know their artistic merit and do not need critical approval to validate it.