These Pencil Compositions were an extension of the exercises Bruce Goff established while he was at the University of Oklahoma and consisted of studies in the use of points, lines, and forms.

They were drawn by a “continuous present” of point by point aesthetic development, with beauty the sole determinant of aesthetic flow - every point, to line, to form was considered a beautiful entity, in and of itself. They were an ever-evolving melodic flow that was at all times spontaneous and intuitive - an emotional, as well as aesthetic, involvement in the evolving development. No elements were pre-established - no thought was given as to what should be done next. All points, lines, and forms evolved in the present moment.

The concept of design development in an “Extemporaneous, Intuitive Flow” then evolved into my aesthetic design philosophy.


"Organic Extravaganza"


"Dionysian Growth"


"Max Ernst, Are You In There?"


"Organic Form Flow"




"The Abyss"